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If you can imagine a bent-plate product, we can form it.

Stair set on left hand side of building

Craftsmanship in every way, shape and form


From standard models to complicated forms: nothing matches BSG’s incredible range of true custom fabrication; except, perhaps, our customer service.


Our ample inventories, prompt service and thorough inspection processes ensure you always receive superior crafted products that meet your time frame, your exact requirements and your discerning standards.

We promise:


  • custom-formed products that meet your precise specifications
  • next-day shipping in most cases
  • friendly and helpful customer service
  • competitive pricing
  • and orders that are conveniently delivered in marked and sorted bundles

Blue stairs

Any way you want it, we can bend it.


Our capabilities


CNC shear and press brake technology empowers BSG to deliver any imaginable form of bent-plate product, including acute angles and other tight bends. We work with bent plate from 12-gauge to 1/2-inch, as well as shear and form down to 18-gauge plate in formed angles, channels and many other custom shapes.


Our stair pan products include:


  • stair pans
  • stair treads
  • bent plate
  • pour stop
  • stringers
  • safety gratings
  • safety railings
  • handrail
  • sheared & formed sheet steel
  • welded bar gratings


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