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Your Complete Option


Would you prefer to have your stairs shipped pre-assembled and site-ready for installation?

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We Can Do That Too.

From standard models to complicated forms: nothing matches BSG’s incredible range of true custom fabrication; except, perhaps, our customer service.


Our ample inventories, prompt service and thorough inspection processes ensure you always receive superior crafted products that meet your time frame, your exact requirements and your discerning standards.

BSG is committed to your total satisfaction. That’s why we offer you the choice of either having your stairs shipped in pieces or completed by our Canadian Welding Bureau approved fitter-welders.
If you are unable to build your stairs to your requirements yourself, rest assured: BSG has the materials, the facilities and the experience to provide this added service for you.


Where your site conditions allow, our accomplished specialists can build you a completely fabricated stairway, which is ready for installation by your on-site contractor upon delivery.


If this is the option for you, please contact us for further details.

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